Coaching is a results-oriented partnership between a coach and coachee, designed to unlock a person’s potential, maximise their own performance and optimize their professional and/or personal lives. As a coachee you need to understand that successful coaching requires an active collaboration between you and your coach. The coach plays the role of a facilitator of change; and it is you, the coachee’s responsibility to enact change.  


Coaching is not teaching, training or supervision. Nor is it mentoring. Mentors give advice, provide expert recommendations and share their personal experiences in the belief that this is relevant and helpful to the client. In general mentors are self-selecting I.e. matched with clients in terms of  profession, organization or research field.  A coach, on the other hand, does not necessarily require content expertise but through a structured, focused interaction they listen, ask questions and encourage self-development.  A coach uses recognized strategies, tools and techniques to support desirable and sustainable changes for the benefit of both the client as an individual and, in many cases their workplace.


I work with individuals to help them identify their goals and develop the skills they need to achieve these. I have a flexible approach to building the  professional coaching relationship which includes face-to-face sessions and virtual meetings (Skype, FaceTime etc), both inside and outside standard business hours depending on what best suits the individual.  While favouring a solution focussed approach, I use a range of techniques and tools in my coaching practice depending on the preferences and needs of each client. I also have a large network of professional colleagues to whom I refer where appropriate.

To get the most out of your coach, it is important to make sure that the ‘fit’ is right and that both parties understand the needs and expectations before embarking upon the journey. If you are interested in exploring what coaching can do for you, we can start with a one off session with no ongoing obligation. If the 'fit' is right and you feel I can help you achieve your goals then I can arrange a programme to suit your needs. 

For further information on the coaching process please contact me.