'People NOT processes make teams'

  • Are you a clinician, medical researcher, scientist or academic?
  • Have you worked hard at school, university and/or beyond to build a successful career? 
  • Have/are you spending alot of time developing the clinical and academic skills you need to succeed?
  • But do you now find that you want to really excel and thrive?
  • There's more to being successful than having great technical expertise!

The organisational landscape is changing rapidly and technical skills alone are no longer sufficient. Despite more than 30 years as a clinical academic, I am  enjoying the challenges and rewards that life affords me. I have had the chance to work in a range of environments, in diverse teams and for many different 'bosses'. Now, through coaching, I support others to develop the skills to achieve their goals and become the very best they can; for themselves, their families and their employers. I  believe that everyone has the potential to be successful and I bring to my work a wealth of experience coupled with knowledge and understanding of the theory behind the practice of coaching.

I look forward to hearing from you

Nicky Kilpatrick

BDS PhD Grad Cert Ed Cert Coach  FDS RCPS FRACDS (Paeds)